Data center environment

They appear to be the new buzzword and the new hype from the green movement. Companies cannot wait to promote their newest green initiatives and inform the public how they’re going green. On the flip side, it’s essential for large businesses to find ways to cut energy usage so as to decrease carbon emissions and also do their part to impede the green house effect. These initiatives aren’t always dependent on of the desire to help of the environment. For many businesses, these decisions are strictly company choices and based solely on economic aspects. Data centers are taking up increasingly more energy with each passing year.

Very soon data centers will utilize more energy than every other business as requirement for servers, colocation and data storage raises. This is why environmental and government organizations and trying to find information centers to cut their energy usage. Power efficient servers by installing electricity efficient servers in the data centres, facilities have the ability to decrease the total amount of energy they use per server. This allows for the same amount of servers to occupy the information centre without using as much energy. Recycled heat- with the heat generated by servers, some organizations are looking for ways to exploit this power and use it instead of continue allowing it go to waste.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Data center environment
Ways that firms are recycling heat is using it to warm other parts of the building, other buildings nearby, to warm a swimming pool or to heat a greenhouse. Recycled power- with the current technology, there’s a certain amount of power that does not get used. Rather than wasting it, some data centres have found a way to exploit the extra electricity and recycle it back to the system. That way instead of using only 70% of the available power, they’re able to save that extra 30%, recycle back to the system and use it again. While all of these initiatives are great, the question boils down to the motivation behind them.

Do these firms really care about of the environment or are that they attempting to conserve money on rising oil prices and utilizing the green movement as a benevolent front? Energy is becoming increasingly less affordable and firms are forced to pay high costs for a product they previously got a lot cheaper.


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