Data center overview

Batteries for the emergency power source must always be charged. Gas cylinders containing the INERGEN fire protection gas has to maintain a particular degree of pressure. A digital pressure gauge on every gas cylinder transmits deviations from the typical value to the central gasoline distribution facility. An aspirating smoke sensor emits a preliminary alarm to the safety section upon the smallest signs of smoke or fire. Another fire sensor then emits a body piercing alarm in the event of a crisis. An external company performs tests every 3 months using a smoke device to ascertain whether the ASD and flame sensors continue to be active.

The diesel engines change control panels are controlled twice annually by an external company. The examination ensures, in a real power outage, the switching will function and that power is provided into the servers. Doors, windows, and ventilation systems have been inspected a year. The Video inspects all access points into the information center in accordance with ISO 2700 1 specifications. The doorway check verifies what kinds of door locks are used and if they stick to the ISO standard. Doors might not be kept open for far too long. Throughout the Video evaluation visit, the doorway is left open for a single minute to see if an alarm is triggered in accordance with the standard.
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KPMG goes a step further and inspects the information centre’s Black box in agreement with the international ISAE 3402 accreditation standard. Put simply, it checks the video recordings made over the last twelve months that prove that doors were opened only for authorized individuals. Inspectors refer into this measure as a Door effectiveness check. Access authorization: Records in log files, card scanners, and service records of the safety service are checked by the Television once annually according to ISO 2700 1. A few of the items on the Television check-list include: how a safety service organizes its 24 hour surveillance, how access cards have been issued, and how an approval process is conducted.

For the Black building test, an electricity outage is simulated once a year. The external power source is cut off, so the emergency power source is actuated. This procedure ensures that the batteries can bridge the electricity cut as expected, the diesel engines start up automatically, and an extended supply of electricity is provided. This test is conducted and recorded by the information center operator. The reports have been then submitted to the Television, which compares them to the ISO 2700 1 standards. The assigned installation company on a regular basis services the fire pit system and generates reports on the operability of sensors, for instance, or any possible gas emissions.


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