Data center power consumption

The concepts of power management and efficiency are simple to discuss, but there’s not as much focus or conversation with regards to really delivering accurate and purposeful power information. Without the right information, gathered from the correct points on your business, all the efficiency evaluations and energy management tools from the world will not do you very much good. You may wind up overestimating or underestimates your energy efficacy, leading to wasted money and lost opportunities to maximize your data centre. Within this podcast Steve Bigelow, senior technology editor, sits down with Pete Sclafani, CIO and co creator of 6connect, an online infrastructure management business based in Palo Alto, Calif., to discuss measuring data centre power.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Data center power consumption
Steve Bigelow: what’s the best strategy to measure power that’s delivered into the data centre and equipment? For many businesses, doing an audit once per month is adequate for their needs, but from other cases, you might use power data for billing purposes. A monthly snapshot of your data centre power usage is not going to be as precise as you’d like it to be. You need some information of power delivery on a wide range of time. Those return into begins collecting information for you and placing it in a database. It is a gateway, and that gateway you’ve to do manual measurements each time you would like to do an audit.

They’ve a constant flow of power usage through the day, but when individuals went home and began streaming more info to their home environments, they’d tough to find real time power consumption data. The more data points you’ve, the better. It is extremely easy to compare of the measurement from of the PDU on an information centre floor to of the value you get at of the breaker itself. If you are doing any kind of audit, the secret to gathering this significant data points is calibration and consistency. You would like to make sure when you’re comparing data through different electricity sources that you do it consistently.


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