Is cloud computing

For the last thirty years, one trend in computing continues to be loud and clear: large, centralized, mainframe systems are Outside customized, power-to the people, do-it yourself PCs happen to be In. Before computers took off in the early eighties, if your firm wanted sales or payroll figures calculating in a rush, you’d most likely have purchased in Information processing solutions from another company, with its expensive computer systems, which specialised in number crunching, today, you might do the job just as easily on your desktop computer with off the shelf computer software. For many, it is simply another way of describing IT Outsourcing others use it to imply any computing support supplied on the Internet or a similar network, and many define it like any bought-in pc service you utilize that sits outside your firewall.
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Most us use cloud computing daily without realizing it. Preparing documents over the internet is a newer case of computing. What makes cloud computing different? It is managed. Nor do you have to be concerned about viruses which may affect your personal computer or about backing up the files you make. One fundamental principle of cloud computing is which you no longer have to worry how a service you are buying is provided: with internet based services, you simply focus on whatever your job is and render the issue of offering dependable computing to somebody else.


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