List of data centers

The sheer quantity of Internet concentrated in these structures makes them hot goals for spy agencies such as the NSA. The U.S. Government can have shut down, but you understand its vast spy apparatus is working very hard. What is it doing at this time? Penetrating private Facebook accounts? Slipping Trojan horses to computers in The Guardian? Ordinary citizens may never know just what their government is up to safety clever, but it is potential to guess in which it’s conducting nefarious snooping actions. That’s because if spooks eavesdrop on internet communications, they’re targeting Web infrastructure with an extremely physical existence.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho List of data centers
Google operates among the latter inside the town of Lenoir, North Carolina, and the information amount handling equipment it contains is magnificent. State surveillance is an activity wherein governments do not frequently take pride nowadays. And as Snowden proved by comparison with the months past his revelations, its full extent isn’t possible to measure. Based on that consideration, rather than trying to visualize surveillance, an endless pursuit, the ideal way to acquire a grasp of its extent is most likely to envision its potential targets. The cloud shaped icon are host farms, the rotating arrows are market points, as well as the whirlpools represent countries which issue biometric passports with attributes like fingerprints and iris scans.

Schneider’s interactive visualization sheds bright light on all the geography of such websites, but does little to reveal what they really look like in person. To give a couple samples of that, let us first fly above the Arizona Internet Exchanges in Phoenix. Dubbed AZIX for short, the lately opened facility dominates the land. Below is among the most bulky data centers in the NY metro area.


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